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Learn Chinese-Hello Words


Learn Chinese-Hello Words is a Chinese product researched and developed by HSChinese team to specially help Chinese learners to learn Chinese words rapidly. Hello Words includes three major courses: HSK words, Daily Chinese words and business Chinese words. ● Hello Words shows the exact meaning of Chinese words, as well as the origin. It makes them easy to memorize, as it simplifies the process, which employs the most basic functions of memorizing and training to the maximum extent. The simplified operation makes it easy to get started, and one can begin to learn Chinese words as soon as the App is open.● Hello Words includes three types: HSK words outline, daily Chinese words, and business Chinese words. It also supports four languages: Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. Audio, translation, parts of speech, example sentences and practice, each part is minimal in length but strives for perfection. Learners can memorize HSK words to prepare the coming HSK test or learn Chinese words for business/everyday communications.● We don’t rely on fancy designs but on actual power; Word memorization should not be fancy but should rely on hard work. Give it all you got, and start to learn Chinese words; we are waiting for you!
【Instruction for Course Content】1. HSK Words Chapter: contains all outline HSK Words from HSK level 1 to 6.2. Daily Chinese Words Chapter: the commonly used Chinese vocabulary is classified according to real life scenes and topics.3. Business Chinese Words Chapter: the common business vocabulary is classified according to the level of difficulty.